About This Course

Are you ready to bring HIGH TRUST to your team or organization? How it all works: Option 1: Individual learning – you are the guide in your own journey Self-paced study and application of this [...]

Module 1 – Trustology Overview

In this module, you will learn about: Defining Trust, present the model and provide the framework for how to create and foster High Trust relationships Learning the 2 key lies people believe about trust Learning [...]

Module 2 – Trust is Given

This module covers: In order to have trust you must first give it Understand the power and strength that comes from vulnerability and the freedom of extending trust Understand that trust isn’t what you do, [...]

Module 3 – Trustology Card Sort

This module covers: Conduct a personal and team assessment of the trust that exists between team members Pinpoint areas of strength, weakness and create a plan for maximizing these strengths and minimizing the weaknesses Utilize [...]

Module 4 – A Culture of High Trust

This module is about how: Culture will beat strategy each and every day To determine the good and not so good in your existing culture To discover the impact and importance of discipline in creating [...]

Module 5 – Healthy Conflict

In this module, you will learn how to: Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict Evaluate your own conflict preference and tendencies through a conflict assessment Determine your strategy and desired outcome in conflict [...]

Module 6 – Giving and Receiving Feedback

This module covers how to: Discover the purpose of feedback Determine how open to both giving and receiving feedback you really are Utilize a model for giving feedback in a way that others can hear [...]

Module 7 – The Power of Dialogue

What you will learn in this module: Learn to listen for understanding vs plan a rebuttal Gather viewpoints and perspectives so that all parties feel heard, valued and able to work towards a win-win solution [...]