YOU ARE WHO YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH – How to determine who to spend your time with

You are what you eat and you are who you surround yourself with. I have a good friend who was a pastor to 20 somethings. From time to time he would get a call from [...]

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Stop talking about Generations! (part 2) 10 ways to make generations in the workplace irrelevant

In my post from last week, I got a little crabby about all of the talk about generations. I won’t deny that the issue of multiple generations in the workplace is causing challenges (and opportunities). [...]

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Stop talking about Generations! It’s not about generations, it’s about people

I recently spoke at the largest gathering of Human Resource professionals in the world. There were over 15,000 people from 80+ countries. Speakers from Marcus Buckingham and Coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K – from Duke) [...]

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