You Can’t Change Culture: Four tweetable ways to impact your culture

The following four statements are beyond tweetable quotes and simple thoughts. They are deep truths about culture. A proper understanding of each statement will help drive you, your team and your organization to success. They also are – very tweetable.

every organization

The Power of ONE THING – The key to meeting your goals and achieving success in life

January is the time of year when we create lists of goals and strategies to achieve success and live our best life. This is good and I hope you have done this. The problem is that you probably have created distractions and barriers to your success and you don’t even know it.


The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Visions

Most organizations have a vision, mission, or values statement. Some have all three. Very few are inspiring, and most don’t really tell you much about what they are doing or at least doing differently. Google “corporate mission statements” and you’ll see most of them seem to come from the same lame template from 1985.

make no small plans

The Power of Personal Vision – 6 questions to help you craft your personal vision

Several times over the past two weeks, I have facilitated sessions where we asked people to ponder their personal vision as a leader. This is something we do on a regular basis within most of our leadership development sessions. But what struck me this time, was the response to a question I had never asked before.

Proverbs 29 18